Tearms and Conditions
Retreat Terms and conditions


LC Jan 02 2019



  1. Your booking is not considered definite and no contract will exist between you and Louise Cameron Edlund until we receive the booking payment from you.
  2. The customer shall pay Louise Cameron Edlund 30% of the retreat price for each item when booking, this price is deemed non-refundable as a deposit.
  3. In the months leading up to the retreat the customer can pay Louise Cameron Edlund the full retreat price or in monthly payments, if agreed by Louise. 50% of the total retreat price is to be paid 9 weeks before due arrival date and 100% of the total retreat price is to be paid 5 weeks before due arrival date
  4. You (or a member of your party) may cancel your booking at any time. If such cancellation is made within 4 weeks of the start of the retreat, we will retain 100% of the total cost of the retreat. If such cancelation is made within 8 weeks of the start of the retreat, we will retain 50% of the total cost of the retreat. If such cancelation is made prior to 8 weeks before the start of the retreat date we will retain only the 30% booking deposit. However, if another person can be found to take your place, then we may offer you a partial or full refund at our discretion.
  5. Refunds and returned payments are normally settled within 10 working days of the date of cancellation.
  6. Due to teacher cancellations or other situations beyond our control, Louise Cameron Edlind reserves the right to change bookings and shall inform the customer as soon as possible. Alternative arrangements will be offered.
  7. Louise Cameron Edlund is not held liable for flight costs.
  8. Louise Cameron Edlund shall not be held liable for any consequences arising from delays or cancellations in any of the companies you may have made arrangements with, or for any irregularities in your documentation required for travel. 
  9. Louise Cameron Edlund reserves the right to photograph and video throughout the retreat for promotional purposes. If you would prefer not to be featured in any photography please speak to retreat staff.
  10. Louise Cameron Edlund reserves the right to offer discretionary discounts and this does not affect the status of any customer who have paid another price and no discount will then become due to them.
  11. The customer shall not use the property except for permitted use and shall not use the property for any offensive, noisy, dangerous, illegal, entertainment, immoral or improper purposes. The customer shall not do anything that may be a nuisance or annoyance to fellow guests, staff or owners.
  12. The customer shall keep all retreat villa fixtures, fittings, furniture and effects in a clean and good condition and shall replace any articles that are destroyed or missing with articles of a similar kind and of equal value.
  13. Louise Cameron Edlund reserves the right at its sole discretion to terminate use of the retreat villa or any of its facilities by the customer in the event of any breach of these terms and conditions. The customer will be required to vacate the property and we shall not refund payment or accept any consequential liability damages or loss.
  14. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that he/she has all the relevant travel documentation and arrives at the airport in time in accordance with the airlines terms and conditions.
  15. Louise Cameron Edlund can accept no responsibility for delay or cancellation of any flights, train, buses or other forms of transport.
  16. It is your responsibility to let our teachers know if you have any injuries and to be mindful at all      times of your own body’s capability during the retreats. If you experience any injury or discomfort during any activity during the retreat, then please stop participating immediately and inform the teacher.
  17. It is also your responsibility to consult a doctor with an understanding of yoga and fitness to check that you are sufficiently fit and healthy to undertake yoga classes and other physical activities that you may chose to do whilst on the retreat.
  18. Please advise us of any mental or physical health conditions and dietary requirements before you book. If you have health conditions and dietary requirements that may be affected by the activities offered on the retreats we reserve the right, for your own wellbeing, to advise you to stop participating.
  19. We ask that women who are pregnant to provide a letter from their health practitioner specifying that they are fit to travel and able to engage in the activities that we provide.
  20. Louise Cameron Edlund cannot accept any responsibility for loss or damage of personal possessions or valuables of the customer. This includes hire cars and other hire equipment’s.
  21. Louise Cameron Edlund shall not be liable for any failures beyond control. This covers natural disasters, war, ‘acts of God’, closure of airports, civil strife, accidents or failure to perform by third parties, including suppliers and subcontractors.  
  22. We require that your travel insurance covers the activity of your retreat with us as well as unexpected cancellation, sickness, losses and all the usual risks. You are advised to bring the policy with you in case of an emergency.
  23. British law shall govern these terms and conditions and the parties consent to the exclusive jurisdiction of the British courts in all matters regarding them.


Privacy Policy

We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties. Any personal information that you provide to us will be used only for the service you requested. We do not automatically capture or store personal data from visitors to the site, except to log the user’s IP address and session information such as the duration of the visit to the site and the nature of the browser used. This information is used only for administration of the site system and in the compilation of statistics used by us to assess the use of the site. This privacy policy does not cover the links within this site linking to other sites


We are confident that you will not find cause for concern during your retreat. If you feel that a complaint is warranted you must raise the issue directly with our Director. Any retrospective complaint must be made in writing to Louise Cameron Edlund within 14 days of the end of your retreat.



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