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LC Apr 05 2016

Welcome to Carte Blanche Body Balance. What we offer is something a little bit different, a revitalising take on health and wellbeing. 


Our services include yoga, meditation, pilates, massage, physiotherapy and wellness retreats, in Ibiza the UK and pop ups around the globe. Everything we do at Carte Blanche Body Balance is unique and created around you.


Our team’s diverse range of skills complement one another, allowing us to practice a multi-disciplinary and holistic approach to health and wellbeing, unlike any other. We provide a service that takes care of all aspects of you, from body to mind.


So, whether you’re looking to relax, release muscle tension, tone up, stretch out, workout, pause the daily stress of life or re-connect to yourself, we welcome all. Whatever your story, our goal is always the same; to guide you to reach your body and mind’s full potential. To be healthier, happier and the best version of you.


All our massages use a range of natural oils, selected for your specific needs.

Sports Massage

Relieves muscle tension, boosts muscle performance, promotes muscle recovery and helps prevent injury. Our experienced sports physiotherapist uses a range of techniques including myofacial release, passive stretches, muscle energy and muscle trigger point therapy. This is an essential for any training and fitness enthusiast.

30/60/90 minutes

Deep Tissue Massage

Ease out tension to your muscles, which have built up after too many hours in the office, gym, travelling or dealing with life's daily strains. We combine a range of therapeutic massage techniques whilst applying a deep pressure to ease out any knots, tension and adhesions to the muscles. The pressure is tailored for each individual and carried out by a qualified physiotherapist, so you can relax knowing you are in safe hands.

30/60/90 minutes

Relaxation Massage 

This is the ultimate relaxation experience, harmonising the body and mind. Your body will be soothed, comforted and balanced using techniques from the east and west. This includes Swedish massage, Ayurvedic massage, head, and foot massage.

30/60/90 minutes

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage 

Relieve muscle tension, realign your body and return the harmonising flow of energy. This massage offers a unique blend of therapeutic massage techniques with yoga stretches, through synchronised breath work. This will make you feel relaxed and energised from your head to your toes.

60/90 minutes

Facial, head neck and shoulder massage 

This rejuvenating experience relieves tension to your facial muscles and jaw whilst stimulating the blood circulation, leaving your skin glowing and radiant. You will also experience a muscle soothing scalp, neck and shoulder massage

30/60/90 minutes

Our services can be booked for personalised or group bookings, corporate events and retreats.

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