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LC Mar 07 2017
Both stress and anxiety are things I am no stranger to. I know to well how exhausting it is for your brain to constantly be on overload, looping thoughts, how your productivity and focus can be affected, simple decisions turn in to a big stress because you feel you have lost touch with what you need ... the list goes on. Can anyone relate? 

I would like to share with you all a relaxing and gentle yoga class with a guided meditation, for times when you need to destress and connect back to you. I have also added some of my tips for when I feel anxious. 

(1) Face the thoughts and the feelings, never forcing them away. If there is something in particular bothering you write it down. If you can not think on a cause know that this is also ok. 

(2) Make an action plan for your day/week, being realistic to keep you motivated. This helps me keep on top of things I need to get done. If you have a cause written down from point 1 above it is also a good idea to do a separate action plan to deal with this. The thought can sometimes be worse than the reality. 

(3) Block in your diary time for you. Whether it be for reading, gym, yoga, a walk in the park, drawing, do not let anything come in between you and this time. Treat it like an important work meaning. 

(4) Green therapy. Time outdoors with nature helps me put everything back in perspective. The world is so beautiful it an make my problems so small. 

(5) Write a list or journal of everything you are grateful for. From your cat, your family to the air you breath. Don't over think it and let it flow. 

(6) Consistent yoga and meditation. It really is my saviour. 

(7) Remind yourself of the strength you have, that has gotten you through everything to this day.

(8) Be kind to yourself. 

I hope you enjoy and feel relaxed.



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