strong body/ strong mind week 4
30 day challenge


LC Aug 11 2016

Join Louise for her rehabilitation journey back to a happier, healthier, stronger body and mind. During this 30 day challenge you can experience her personal yoga, Pilates and meditation classes to help you feel the best version of yourself. 

This challenge is about dedicating time to yourself in a healthy and positive way. After week one, two and three there is noticeable improvements to posture and body shape. More important changes are noted with a significant reduce to chronic pain levels, putting me back in to a very minimal and manageable level of pain, with pain free days. I also feel extremely positive and motivated.  

There was an emotional 'wobble' at the end of week three but I rolled out the mat and kept moving forward. I am feeling super proud of everyone working so hard on themselves. 

Day 22 

Striping back the ego and taking myself back to a vulnerable place trying crow after a few months break, due to my recovery. Super proud for my efforts and for keeping frustration away :) 

Join this core and arm strengthening class, as we build up to trying crow pose 

Day 23 

Enjoy a flow class incorporating spinal twists and working up to practicing an arm balance. 

Day 24 

Pilates to tone and strengthen your bum and tum

Day 25 

Voulnrability can be show our truest strength. After a tough few days and exhaustion I had to reluctantly take a few days off. Sometimes we need to admit to ourself when we are struggling and listen to our bodies. The end result is the same, but our journey there might change. 

This class will be mostly a gentle stretch based class, with a little ore work. 

Day 26 

Strengthen your waist and core during this yoga and Pilates fusion class



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