Strong Body/ Strong Mind week 3
30 day challenge


LC Aug 02 2016

Join Louise for her rehabilitation journey back to a happier, healthier, stronger body and mind. During this 30 day challenge you can experience her personal yoga, Pilates and meditation classes to help you feel the best version of yourself. 

This challenge is about dedicating time to yourself in a healthy and positive way. After week one and week two there is noticeable improvements to posture and body shape. More important changes are noted with a significant reduce to chronic pain levels, putting me back in to a very minimal and manageable level of pain, with pain free days. I also feel extremely positive and motivated. 

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Day 15

Build up to practicing some arm balances during todays sequence, while also strengthening your core and opening up your hips. 

Day 16

strengthen your core and build up to shoulder stand, or shoulder stad prep. 

Day 17

Enjoy core strength poses and hip openers as you work up to a  playful Astavakrasana practice 

Day 18 

Striping it back to building your foundation. No fancy tricks, but its amazing the strength you need to hold what seems a 'simple' yoga pose :) 

Day 19

Since my recovery rest and chronic flare up my hips are tight, tight, tight. It is time for another love/hate hip stretch. Today we are going to revisit day 12's class 

Day 20 

so.... its my busiest month of the year. I am around like a mad lady, answering emails and trying to find a spare moment in the day to myself. This has made me want to keep the fast pace going to distract my busy mind .... so I done the opposite. The biggest challenge for me at the moment is to chill out and be still amidst the bussy chaos. Enjoy a still and calming class :) 

Day 21 

Over the last couple of days feeling mentally strong is a challenge. It is my busiest month of the year, its hot and I am struggling to find a spare moment for myself. At times I do not want to set this time aside and instead, I want to just sit on the couch and eat chocolate.... but I know this is the time I need my practice the most. 

Enjoy a core challenging class with planks and side plank variation, with a little hip opener thrown in. 

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