Strong body/ strong mind week 2
30 day challenge


LC Jul 26 2016
Join Louise for her rehabilitation journey back to a happier, healthier, stronger body and mind. During this 30 day challenge you can experience her personal yoga, Pilates and meditation classes to help you feel the best version of yourself. 

This challenge is about dedicating time to yourself in a healthy and positive way. After week one there is not much of a physical change (maybe a little leaner) I do feel stronger, I have less pain, I am more inspired and motivated and my self esteem is on the rise.  

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Day 8

Enjoy a flowing yoga class working on balance, strength and flexibility

Day 9

Enjoy a flowing style yoga class that takes you through spinal twists, core and arm strengthening postures. 

Day 10 

Limitations live only in our minds. When we use our creative side we switch off the logical brain, swapping limitations for the limitless possibilities. Lets get creative. 

Day 11 

Tone and strengthen your core and bum during todays Pilate's class. 

Day 12 

This yoga class will take you through key hip openers/ hip stretch. Perfect for those with tigt hips and runners. 

Day 13 

Strengthen your core and tone your muscles through dynamic yoga and Pilates movements.

Day 14

Pick your yoga class of choice from the previous 12 classes. Then enjoy this meditation to connect you to the essence of you, and to inspire your future self. Oh and I chose to do day nine :) 

Week three and day 15 due 2nd August 2016. Stay tuned.


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