Strong body/ Strong mind week 1
30 day challenge


LC Jul 18 2016
Join Louise for her rehabilitation journey back to a happier, healthier, stronger body and mind. During this 30 day challenge you can experience her personal yoga, Pilates and meditation classes to help you feel the best version of yourself. 


Day 1

Enjoy learning full body breathing, gentle stretches and sun salutation style yoga movements. 

Day 2 

Strengthen your core muscles and work your bottom during this Pilates based class.  

Day 3

Enjoy a relaxing stretch based yoga class 

Day 4

This class incorporates balance postures with Yoga and Pilates based stretch and strengthening exercises. 

Day 5

Enjoy this combination class of yoga stretches with Pilates core strengthening. 

Day 6  

Enjoy a fusion of the previous five days in this yoga and Pilates fusion class

Day 7 

Meditation for relaxation

Week two click here



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