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Solo travel


LC Apr 07 2016
This is why coming solo on our wellness retreat is not so scary, and could turn out to be the best thing you do.

Read about the journey and lessons learned by Natalie Glaze on our October retreat


Last month myself and fellow blogger/mega babe/friend for life Lottie Murphy were meant to be flying out to my favourite place Ibiza for a week of yoga and sun with Carte Blanche Body Balance however unfortunately last minute Lottie couldn’t make it which was so upsetting for us both as we had been looking forward to this for months.  Sometimes the universe works in odd ways and things happen which don’t seem fair but you have to just deal with them.

Now I had never travelled by myself before and I have to admit the thought of going through the airport and travelling by myself was actually pretty daunting.  I am a sociable being who likes the company of others so the idea of all those hours to myself scared me slightly, sad but true. Then there was the idea of spending a whole week with what was pretty much a group of strangers with a room to myself.  I sound like the most anti social person ever right now.  Trust me I am not, I love being sociable, I love meeting new people and I would describe myself as pretty outgoing and confident.  But that doesn’t make solo travel less daunting in my books.  So these are a few lessons I learnt on my first solo travelling experience and a few tips which may help any of you guys out there who is planning a trip by yourself and need some advice.

Lessons I learnt

  1. You learn so much about yourself, ‘me’ time is so rare so embrace the opportunity to learn more about yourself
  2. You are a lot more capable than you give yourself credit for- you just travelled across the world (albeit only to Ibiza) by yourself, you can do anything you put your mind too
  3. You make closer friendships- I love making new friends however if you go away with a friend the likelihood is that you will spend your whole time with that friend. So solo travel enables you to form closer bonds with the people you meet.
  4. You become more independent- I noticed that when I came back I felt a stronger sense of independence. Yes I still and will always love being sociable and in the company of others but I have learnt that my own company isn’t too bad actually, in fact I quite enjoy hanging out by myself which is pretty empowering.
  5. You make more life decisions when you are travelling solo- more ‘me’ time means more thinking time right? Therefore anything worrying you or playing on your mind this is the perfect opportunity to tackle this. You may also make some big life changing decisions or career changes I know I did.


Solo Travel Tips

  1. Bring some good books- nothing like burying yourself in a good book whilst on holiday and going away by yourself is even better you get a lot more time in your room, at the airport, relaxing in the day. So switch off and read.
  2. Make sure you are organised and give yourself enough time at the airport- you want solo travel to be as relaxed as possible. So don’t rush or leave things late. Print off your boarding pass, keep your passport and all boarding documents together. The smoother your travel the less stressed you will be.
  3. Download some programmes for the flight- nothing like plugging into your favourite film or TV programme on the plane to make the flight go quickly
  4. Relax and enjoy the experience
  5. Take a notepad. This may sound silly but Louise at Carte Blanche Body Balance gave us all a notepad to write our thoughts and feelings down into. I honestly thought I wouldn’t use it however I found myself writing so many things. Whether it be thoughts and feelings, goals, to do lists. It feels good to put pen to paper and just write sometimes.
  6. Take a break from social media. I am the worst for this, I am meant to be relaxing and taking a break from the stress of everyday life however I am still checking social media every few minutes. I gave myself a few hours of each day to leave my phone in my room and enjoy the experience of Ibiza. You take so much more in when you are free from your phone or laptop trust me.
  7. Treat yourself, its not often you get to spend some time alone being selfish and focusing on you. So make the most of it and give yourself some love whether it be going to be early, running yourself a bath, having a square or two of dark chocolate, getting up for the morning yoga. Whatever it is that makes you feel happy do it as thats what solo travel is all about, you.

Natalie Glaze, Ibiza, travel

Lots of love,

Natalie Glaze x

Natalie Glaze, Ibiza, travel,

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