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"A week of bliss with Carte Blanche Body Balance" ~ Natalie Glaze


LC Apr 07 2016


A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to go to my favourite island for a week of what can only be describes as pure and utter bliss with Carte Blanche Body Balance. I meet Louise the founder of Carte Blanche on one of my previous trips to Ibiza. When I took her yoga class I was truly swept away by how relaxing and at ease she made me feel. I had never connected more with yoga or a teacher. They say that though don’t they with yoga its about finding the teacher. When Louise told me about her week of yoga and mindfulness in Ibiza I of course jumped at the chance.

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I was meant to be going along with my best girl Lottie Murphy however due to last minute issues which neither of could control Lottie couldn’t make it. I was so devastated and worried about doing the trip by myself. I’m not what you call an experienced yoga goer, in fact I do a class a few times a year if that. But let me tell you this, Louises retreat at Carte Blanche Body Balance was the best things I have done, I came away so revived, so happy like a big weight had lifted of my shoulders. My thoughts were clearer, I realised a lot of things and most importantly I was happier than when I came. The week taught me to unwind, relax and let go of stress. I also laughed so much, made some amazing friends and discovered the joy of yoga. Then of course an added plus was that I got to fall in love with Ibiza all over again.


Natalie Glaze, Ibiza, hiking

The retreat itself was in Ibiza, my favourite place which I am sure you all know by now. I don’t know what it is about this place but its just magical. Everytime I visit I am tempted to move here trust me I have spent hours battling with myself over this one. I love Ibizas beaches, hikes, food, weather, the people and most of all the feeling I get when I am here. A strong sense of love, belonging and peace. So cheesy I know but its true everytime I go to Es Vedra I feel so touched by this magical island…..I’m reigning it in now I promise haha!

The villa was the wonderful Can Verru this villa is beautiful, set in a rural Ibizan landscape in easy distance from amazing beaches. The villa is very typical ‘old school ibiza’ I think rustic describes it well. If you want a full Ibiza experience then head here it won’t disappoint


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Carte Blanche Body Balance– founded by Louise Cameron yoga teacher, physiotherapist, pilates teacher, massage therapist and all round wonder woman. Louise has the most calming Scottish accent you will ever hear. The first time I did her yoga class her voice made me fall asleep that’s how relaxed I was! What’s great about Louise is that her yoga is catered for everyone you can be a beginner or advanced and her classes will have something for you. She is clearly so talented and really makes yoga so enjoyable not to mention she gives AMAZING massages. I really couldn’t think of a better host to such a wonderful week.

The retreats themselves are ‘wellness retreats’ which focus on your mind and your body. The week consists of yoga but also is aiming to help you destress, unwind and enjoy yourself which I most certainly did. This isn’t your typical ‘yoga retreat’ this is so much more than that.

Daily Activities

Natalie Glaze, hiking, Ibiza

Each morning consisted of a morning yoga most of the times held in the beautiful grounds of Can Verru but also sometimes we had the luxury of starting our mornings off with a sunrise yoga session on the beach which was literally the most perfect way to start the day. As well as the yoga there were also walks, hikes, creative workshops, meditation, guest talks and workshops ranging from a life coach to a meditation workshop and a juice cleanse day held by Ibiza Superfoods. Each day was varied and at no point were you bored. There was the perfect balance of seeing Ibiza, relaxing and unwinding and taking part in activities. Of course none of the activities were forced upon you, you could do as much or as little as you wanted

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The highlight for me aside from being back in Ibiza was the hiking, I love hiking more than anything I have realised. I would happily go on a hiking holiday. We did a sunset hike near Es Vedra one evening and it was truly magical. Not only is it a great full body workout but you get to see amazing views and sights too.


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For me yoga was a very important part of the week, I loved Louises classes and they really showed me how enjoyable, varied and challenging. I learnt how to use my body in a different way to how I was used too. This week really opened my eyes to the joys of yoga and how good it is not only for your body but also your mind.


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I went to this retreat stressed, overworked and tired. I was running myself into the ground and I could see it happening but wasn’t doing anything about it. The retreat came at the perfect time for me. I took me a few days but I could feel myself slowly but surely switching out of work/London mode into chilled mode. The first few days I forced myself to not check emails and to step away from my phone and social media. This was so amazing I felt a sigh of relief as I was able to focus on the retreat and enjoying myself without the stresses of work getting to me. By the end of the week I felt like a new person. I was revived, energised and most of all relaxed.

I know personally  I suffer with stress a lot to the point it makes me ill, I never switch off which isn’t good for my mind and health. This week helped me do this which I am so grateful for. I was able to take away with me what I learnt about switching off and apply it when I got home to London which has helped me in my day to day life amazingly. I also found that this week helped me make decisions some of them life changing. I decided to set up a new company whilst hiking up a mountain (stay tuned) I made decisions about my work, my life, my future. Its amazing what your brain is capable of when you give it time to think properly.

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Also the people on the retreat were amazing, when you spend this much time with a group of people you have never meet you know you will get close to them, its only natural. But what was amazing was that I went to this week not knowing anyone and left feeling like I had known them for years. They were the kindest, most inspiring, a little crazy but totally amazing bunch.


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There was also a day of juicing with Ibiza Superfoods, I didn’t take part in the cleanse because I just didn’t feel like it and I had a cold at the beginning of the week so felt like I needed food for energy. That said I tried all the juices and they were delicious and jam packed full of healthy cold pressed ingredients. Check out Ibiza Superfoods for amazing superfood blends….coming soon to London by the way so keep a look out for this super cool, super healthy brand.

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One of the days we headed to Passion Cafe, I am going to do a full blog post on this brand on here but I thought I would give a brief lowdown on this delicious little cafe. The menu was bursting with healthy choices from juices, salads, raw cakes, breakfast options the lot. I went for a quinoa bowl which was bursting with superfood goodness. I love how many healthy places Ibiza has to offer.

Final Thoughts

The week was exactly what I needed, I left feeling renewed and ready to take on the world. I loved every second and felt like it was exactly what I needed. If you need a break from the stress and strains of every day life and fancy switching off from the world then Carte Blanche Body Balance is for you. Not only do you learn so much about yourself, you make amazing friends, do amazing yoga all in the beautiful setting of Ibiza. I can’t praise it high enough it was pure bliss.

Lots of love,

Natalie Glaze x

A week of bliss with carte blanche body balance

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