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  • Very helpful in the rehabilitation of my injury using physiotherapy, strength training and yoga techniques to get me back to playing football. Good knowledge of sports injuries and sport specific treatment

    Grant Weir
    • Grant Weir
  • Louise's massage, physiotherapy skills and knowledge were vitally important for me during my recovery from a major spinal surgery.

    Simon Cartwright
    • Simon Cartwright
  • I could not have found a more incredible yoga instructor and injury prevention physiotherapist masseuse for our Pop-Up Fitness guests in Ibiza. A truly amazing lady with an incredible story than encouraged her to achieve her insanely good results todayny

    Olivia Cooney. Pop- up fitness
    • Olivia Cooney. Pop- up fitness
  • Waking up to early morning yoga with Louise on a sun terrace in Ibiza was the best start to my day, her gentle approach to someone who doesn’t normally have the patience for yoga was a revelation for me

    Emma Cartwright
    • Emma Cartwright
  • I finally found the time to relax on this Ibiza retreat. I was slightly nervous about taking part in yoga, as a beginner, Louise is such a caring and kind teacher and I was very soon put at ease. She was a perfect teacher catering to all levels

    Nadine Bouver
    • Nadine Bouver
  • The Ibiza wellness retreat was a much needed catalyst for change in my life. I was catered for in the most holistic sense, with genuine care. The people I met and the memories will stay with me forever. Thank you for my new zest for life

    Jac Rolland
    • Jac Rolland
  • This Ibiza retreat has been the best and most fulfilling experience of my life so far. It has opened my mind and body to all its abilities. I have confidence and a new lease of life to chase my dreams. The lessons and people I will take forever as a very special part of my life

    Feona Gray
    • Feona Gray
  • 6 weeks away from Ironman Bolton 2014, I developed severe ITB syndrome which made running unbearable and a major concern. Louise was quick to identify my lack of flexibility throughout my body, with her excellent stretching program we were able to increase my flexibility and ease the ITB syndrome. Without Louise’s quick diagnostics and vast knowledge, completing the Ironman would have been extremely difficult.

    Paul McGonigle
    • Paul McGonigle
  • Louise makes everyone at every level of fitness and flexibility feel comfortable and welcome in her yoga and Pilates classes. She is so helpful both during and following taking part in the class and is always happy to answer any questions or queries.

    Kara Bell
    • Kara Bell



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Absolutely. All of my classes provide options from absolute beginners to advanced. I adapt the class to your individual needs, so that you do not need to try adapt to the class.

I teach Pilates, yoga flow/ vinyasa, Hatha yoga, restorative yoga and Pilates & Yoga fusion.

Yes. Many people enjoy the experience of the retreats solo. Here is a blog from Natalie Glaze on why she enjoyed her solo experience on our retreat: http://www.natalieglaze.com/solo-travel-and-the-lessons-i-learnt/

No. If you feel like you are not flexible enough, then this is exactly what you should be doing. Both yoga and Pilates will improve your flexibility.

Class style is very individual. It is often a good idea to try different styles to find what you enjoy. If you enjoy it you are more likely to keep it up.

Not at all. People often try yoga later in life. Research shows that yoga reduces pain and mobility issues. There are limitations to certain conditions or joint replacements. Being a physiotherapist, I can adapt poses to suit individual needs.

Yes. A physiotherapist will carry out an assessment to provide you with a diagnosis. You will then be given a treatment plan specific to you and teach you skills to take care of you r condition. This will help you return to normal activity and maximise your recovery.

To optimise recovery it is advised to avoid any aggravating activities. This is activities that produce pain during, after and the next morning flowing activity. A physiotherapist can give you advice and guide you on appropriate activities and when it is best to return to the activities or sport.

It is advisable to wear cloths that do not restrict your range of motion. It is also important that you feel comfortable. People wear things that range from shorts to leggings and sports wear to lounge wear.

It is important that you do not wear cloths that cover up the area needing to be assessed. An example of this is not wearing tight jeans if you have a sore knee. Instead wear loose fitting trousers or shorts. If you are getting your spine assessed , loose tops can be more comfortable to wear and not a dress that would need to be lifted.

What you will experience from a massage will depend on the style. A relaxation massage should use soothing and gliding strokes. Deep tissue and sport massages will have a firmer pressure. You might experience 'therapeutic discomfort'. Your therapist will never be offended if you request a change in pressure to suit your needs. You will be asked to strip down to your underwear and cover yourself with a towel, in privacy. During the massage any intimate areas will remain covered. After the massage you will be left in privacy to redress yourself. If you would feel more comfortable in clothing. Make sure they are comfortable and loose. The best way to find what massage style suits you is to experience different styles.


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Empowering retreats

Empowering retreat, A reminder that you are limitless. First released dates of 2019 - 01-08 June


Sunshine sanctury

Immerse yourself in the captivating island of Ibiza and find your very own sunshine sanctuary. Our villa is nestled amongst a calming and fragrant pine forest. It boasts its own yoga shala, pool and Bali style chill out areas.


Healthy balance

Your own private chef will provide delicious, healthy food throughout your stay and you can even try your hand at creating some inspiring dishes for yourself. Fear not, there will be tasty treats and a glass or two of wine for those who wish to indulge; we’re all about balance!



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